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Another depressing day in the Trump presidency

Earlier tonight, I was reading comments from conservatives on a Facebook post about Trump's planned dissolution of the DACA. If you're not familiar, the DACA was enacted by Obama to give children and young people brought into the US illegally by their parents or guardians more time to apply for citizenship. Since in many cases these people (referred to as "dreamers") were brought to the US very young, our soil is all they've ever known and deporting them is essentially sending them to a country that is totally foreign to them. The conservative commentators almost always referred to them as "illegals", blamed them for being a drain on the economy (which is objectively false), and cried, "no sympathy for dreamers!"

It's one of those moments where I recalled the Huffpo op-ed from Kayla Chadwick entitled, "I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People." The disagreement here isn't just political. If …

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