"I am not ashamed"

It seems like I can't throw a rock at my Facebook news feed without hitting some stupid post where someone claims how unashamed they are about being a Christian. Here's a little gem I tripped over today, which is pretty typical of the crap I see:

For my Savior, Jesus Christ, A new Facebook challenge...I am out to prove that my friends will repost this, I hope I am right!!! Let's lift up His name and make a statement!! When Jesus died on the cross he died for YOU and me. If you are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, copy and repost. I am not ashamed. I ride in the spirit of his grace! AMEN!!!!

In all fairness, all my linking to atheistic materials (including this blog) is possibly no less annoying, but I do generally refrain from using multiple exclamation points and typing in all caps.

Why do I think this is stupid? Because over 70% of this country is Christian. Christians have a healthy majority in our population, and while a good deal of them appear to be cultural Christians and not the type who post stupid stuff like this on Facebook, it's not like Christians are some persecuted fringe on the edges of society. How many open atheists are there in congress? One? Come on. It doesn't take any balls to "proclaim the name" in a place where such beliefs enjoy an unhealthy amount of respect.

It's also stupid because these people should be ashamed. They should be ashamed that they're willing to eschew the rigors of evidence and accept truth claims about reality simply because they feel good and they're tradition. Faith, by its very definition, requires believing something without evidence that it is actually true. Why is that something to be proud of?


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