Can there be meaning without God?

In a rare state of affairs, I actually found myself mostly agreeing with William Lane Craig in this short video:

I mostly agree with him all the way up until about 1:35, in which he seems to equate subjective human meaning with some form of nihilism.

Of course, he doesn't actually bother explaining why objective meaning has to come from God, and could not come from some other arbitrary supernatural force. And he's distorting the definition of "objective" somewhat, but I get his drift and I do agree with him. There is no objective meaning to our existence.

However, that does not mean that our existence is not meaningful to us. We have shared needs, desires and interests — an inborn solidarity, if you will. That the universe is indifferent to us in no way diminishes the significance of the shared experiences and emotions that encompass our lives.

The universe does not care about you. Get over it, and get on with living a happy, fulfilling life.


  1. and the problem is??? Craig makes it sound like its such an awful proposition to bare that the world might not revolve around him.


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