William Lane Craig slapped around

If you don't subscribe to AndromedasWake's channel on YouTube, you should. I first heard about him when he was making videos to debunk creationist cosmology. Well, in his most recent video he's laid the smackdown on my favorite charlatan, William Lane Craig. I've discussed Craig's many stupid arguments, which he spews with a remarkable amount of hubris, and it's always nice to see someone else take a stab at it and, as in this video, do a damn fine job of it.

By the by, I addressed the exact same video myself in my old blog, though I kept it pretty short.


  1. I also take a stab at finding the fallacies of Craig's version of the cosmological argument here:


    I think I do a fairly good job of proving that his a priori assumptions are scientifically unfounded and that nearly every other argument behind the Kalam argument rests upon a logic fallacy and so does not count as evidence.

  2. Thanks for that, and yeah, you did a fine job. I'm all for beating on WLC's nonsense.


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