I have no life

I've got tons of stuff I've been wanting to blog about lately, but I have to honest: I'm totally absorbed in Civilization V. I'd never played a Civ game before – I've been a PC gamer for about four years, but I'm more of a bloody shooter or epic role-playing game kind of guy – but I've already put in more than 60 hours on Civilization V. I don't feel completely useless though, because since the game can be played with just the mouse, I'll sit there doing monotonous legato drills on my guitar while I click away.

One of the cool little things in Civ V is that you accrue "culture" points, which are spent on various "trees" like liberty, tradition, commerce, etc., giving your civilization various bonuses. What's awesome is that there is a culture bonus tree for "piety", and another for "rationalism". The kicker? You can't have both at the same time. Piety is available much earlier in the game (rationalism is a Renaissance-era culture bonus), and if you choose to go for rationalism, you lose your piety bonuses and spend a few turns in anarchy. Love it!

If a bunch of video game developers can get it right, why can't, I dunno, William Lane Craig?


  1. "I'll sit there doing monotonous legato drills on my guitar while I click away."

    Ever the disciplined multitasker are you. If I buy Civ, I'll be wrapped up so long that I'll feel like I have to play catchup on real life stuff for a straight month--after I finally stop playing long enough to catch my breath.


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