CSI examines the "feeling the future" study

A while back I posted about a study in which the author claimed to have discovered scientific evidence of psychic abilities in humans. I've been very skeptical of the study (as many have), and now James Alcock at CSI (that's the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, not Crime Scene Investigators) has taken a crack at it. Among his conclusions:
Just about everything that could be done wrong in an experiment occurred here. And even if one chose to overlook that methodological mess, because of the multiple testing problem his data still do not support the claimed above-chance effect.
The article begins with a look back at historical failures of parapsychology, which I think is highly relevant. Sometimes, as a skeptic and atheist, I'm accused of not being open-minded enough about things like this. But the fact is that parapsychology and paranormal experiments have been going on for a long time, and they have a terrible track record. In fact, they have a track record of 100% failure, and this latest study looks to be no exception. So when someone makes a claim to have discovered paranormal or parapsychological phenomena, a little extra skepticism is warranted. Carl Sagan said it best: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


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