I'm gonna write a book

Yeah, I've said this before. But I have way too many ideas to keep them all bottled up, and what I have is just way too big for this blog. For a long time I've wanted to write a book on a secular theory of morality, and I figured it was high time I just got around to doing it instead of putting all my energy into blogs and forum posts. I'll do my best not to let my writing impact my posting here, but it'll probably have somewhat of an impact because as crazy as it might seem, I actually have a life outside of the internets.

I don't really have any grand ambitions for making the NY Times bestseller list or anything. I'm not a world-renown biologist or thinker – I'm just some dude with a blog. So, I'll probably just self-publish as an e-book and sell it inexpensively here on Blogger. But I am going to do this, so prepare yourselves for what could quite possibly be the most important book in the history of mankind. Or not, I dunno.


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