Quick update

It's been a great Chrimmas weekend. I warned my parents that I couldn't really afford to get them much if anything, and I told them that I really didn't need anything and would be totally happy just with their company. That didn't stop them from being very generous though. They got me some primo cookware (most of mine was old hand-me-downs with the coating scratched off) and, to my utter shock, a totally awesome solid state hard drive I'd been eying.

I'm going to be moving my Windows installation to the new drive this week, which will mean reformatting my old mechanical drive, optimizing the new drive and re-installing all my programs. So blogging will probably be a little slow this week as I get everything set up.

A quick word though, about my family. I'm very lucky to have the family I do, and it's extra humbling knowing that many people spend the holidays alone. They do so many little acts of kindness (and sometimes big ones) that I know I could never possibly pay them back. So, what do you do when you can't pay something back? You pay it forward. I try to do similar gestures of kindness whenever I can. That can be kind of tough when you're living paycheck to paycheck, but often it's just a little time and thoughtfulness that means the most.

I must now return to holiday festivities. I hope all you guys are having a great time, and giving each other much to pay forward.

Oh, and here's a little funny to cheer up your day courtesy of Jesus and Mo:


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