Thoughts going into the new year

I started this blog just shy of a year ago with the goal of expanding my range of topics from my previous religion-only blog into a broader array of skeptic-related topics. Traffic and readership have really picked up in the last few months – I went from maybe a few dozen hits a day to hundreds. That's encouraged me to invest a little more in the blog, as posting regularly does have its reward in more frequent traffic.

But somewhere in all the comment discussions and attempts to post pretty much daily, I started getting burned out. I have a lot of irons in the fire, and I don't really want blogging to become a predominant hobby of mine. I'm far too obsessed with my guitar, and enjoy too many other hobbies – reading, playing video games, eating babies, etc. – to have time to keep up the pace of blogging I was maintaining earlier.

I'm not about to stop blogging or anything. I know myself too well to know I could ever stick to a no-blogging resolution, and as I type this there are a number of topics simmering on my brain that I'd like to commit to print. But I'm definitely not going to sweat posting something every day. If I can post something substantive once a week, I'll be totally satisfied. That'll probably keep my traffic from growing as it has, but it'll also enable me to, y'know, do other stuff.

Have a safe and happy new year, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.


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