Bill O'Reilly recites the God of the Gaps

Bill O'Reilly has made a video in which he smugly hands the smackdown to us ignorant atheists for criticizing his silly comment about the supposed mystery of the tides being evidence for God's existence. His scathing rebuttal: You can't explain it, so God did it. Checkmate, atheists!

What's funny is that we of course do know how the moon got there, how the Earth got there (err... here), how the sun got there, how the galaxy got there. We know how life evolved and we're on the cusp of knowing how it began in Earth's warm primordial oceans. 

Like any creationist, O'Reilly can always push God back one more gap, but that just makes God more and more irrelevant. Mystery is not evidence.

p.s. – On a side note, I'm rather encouraged by the ratio of "likes" to "dislikes".


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