I don't get atheist organizations

There's a group called "Tulsa Atheists" here in town, and whenever I see pics of their events I'm always slightly amused at both the piss-poor attendance and the near-total absence of young people. It seems less like an organization and more like a gaggle of buddies.

Skepticism. Now that's something I can get behind. Secularism. Yes. Bring it. These are positive ideologies that non-believers can get behind, because it makes sense: atheism is not an ideology, but an outcome of skeptical, logical inquiry which rejects poorly supported metaphysical claims; secularism promotes the separation of church and state to preserve religious freedom for all, as well as the development of science-based knowledge.

Atheism is just a null. You know the sayings – it's like "off" is a TV channel, or like not collecting stamps is a hobby, or like bald is a hair color. Having an atheist group is like having a book club for people who don't read books. I mean, what do you talk about? My guess is that they unite under things like skepticism and secularism. Funny how organizations that promote those things have a lot more members and funding.


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