A thought on "faith"

I happened upon a Facebook argument in which a Christian asserted the old, "You put your faith in the wisdom of men; I put mine in the Word of God" canard.

This has always been a peculiar argument to me. Short of any Road-to-Damascus revelations or burning bushes, people learn about God from their parents or friends. They are told by other people that the Bible is the word of God, that God is real, that God listens to their prayers. They're told that he knows their thoughts and that He'll punish them for their transgressions.

In other words, I've yet to meet (or even hear second hand) of anyone who came to know the "truth" of Christianity independently of sociocultural influences. Just like any idea, it's transmitted from one person to the next. So when people claim they put their faith in God, they're full of it – the truth is that they're not just putting faith in other people, but – because these are unfalsifiable claims – putting blind faith in other people.


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