Boy almost dies, claims Heaven is real, strikes lucrative book deal

I caught this on my Facebook feed today: a story about a kid who had a near-death experience, complete with visions of angels, a sister he wasn't supposed to know about, Jesus riding a big horse, the apocalypse, and well... y'know, typical evangelical end-times crap.

His dad's a protestant pastor. He couldn't possibly have picked up any of that imagery from his parents, friends of family, or their church. He couldn't possibly have filled in missing pieces months after the fact. He couldn't possibly have heard about his sister from someone else, or (again) mistakenly attributed it retroactively. He was four and unconscious with sepsis from a burst appendix. How reliable would any of these memories be? People in perfectly good health make mistakes and retroactively edit their memories all the time. But nah. That wouldn't happen. The only logical explanation is that he actually went to Heaven and it's all true.

I always say that when there are people stupid enough to believe ridiculous things, there are people smart enough to make money off of it. Sort of like how my ex-girlfriend's mom had an attic full of dried food she was stockpiling for the Tribulation. And if you really want some entertainment this weekend, Google "2012 supplies". Shocking, then, that many a credulous fool will be buying this stupid book, and believing every word of it.


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