Dr. Oz may actually be from Oz

At least, that's the only reasonable conclusion I can reach after this monstrosity of stupidity:

Dr. Oz Says Psychic John Edward "Changed My Life"
As a rule, the worlds of western medicine and psychic phenomena just don't mix, but that's not the case on Tuesday's installment of The Dr. Oz Show. Oprah discovery Mehmet Oz will welcome famed psychic medium John Edward, who claims to relay messages from the dead, and the two men will discuss how connecting with the afterlife can be therapeutic for those in grief. Edward also conducts readings for several members of Dr. Oz's studio audience, and offers advice on how to pick up signals your dead loved ones may be sending you — things you can do without the help of a psychic. TV Guide Magazine spoke by phone with Dr. Oz, who had quite a wild time watching Edward do his thing. In fact, the good doc says the experience changed his life!
Geez. Dr. Oz has peddled some pseudoscientific crap on his show before, but he's officially crossed over into utter nutbaggery. The worst part is that his show was on at work today, and the brief section I watched seemed like pretty sensible stuff. I thought to myself, maybe he's not so bad. Then came the preview for tomorrow's show with John Edward. Ugh.

To be clear: the James Randi educational foundation is still offering $1 million to anyone who can demonstrate psychic abilities under proper experimental conditions. No one's taken the challenge, and I don't think Edward will be too eager either. But James Randi offers a pretty thorough beatdown of this loon here, and Dr. Oz should be ashamed to advocate such lunacy on national television to a trusting and credulous audience. I don't believe that this is harmless entertainment – it's the exploitation of grief for profit, and now we have a celebrity doctor advocating it as a valid alternative therapy for the bereaved. Disgusting.


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