Those aren't aliens in that meteorite

Wow. So it turns out that this Richard Hoover character is a bit of a kook, who has already penned a book on panspermia. Confirmation bias, anyone? Then you have the problem that the Journal of Cosmology (which published his study) has, well, to put it kindly, a less than stellar reputation (it's online-only, if that tells you anything).

Then you have the problem that a number of scientists in the blogosphere had serious reservations about the study, and the reaction, from the Journal of Cosmology, was this:
Only a few crackpots and charlatans have denounced the Hoover study. NASA's chief scientist was charged with unprofessional conduct for lying publicly about the Journal of Cosmology and the Hoover paper. The same crackpots, self-promoters, liars, and failures, are quoted repeatedly in the media. However, where is the evidence the Hoover study is not accurate?
Few legitimate scientists have come forward to contest Hoover's findings. Why is that? Because the evidence is solid.
But why have so few scientists come forward to attest to the validity? The answer is: They are afraid. They are terrified. And for good reason.
The status quo and their "hand puppets" will stop at nothing to crush debate about important scientific issues, and this includes slander, defamation, trade libel... they will ruin you. Three hundred years ago, they would burn you for questioning orthodoxy. Has anything changed?
The scientific community must march according to the tune whistled by those who control the funding. If you don't do as you are told, if you dare to ask the wrong questions, they will destroy you.
JOC offered the scientific community a unique opportunity to debate an important paper, but for the most part they have declined.
The message is: Be afraid. Be very afraid. Or you will be destroyed.
Why is America in decline?
Maybe the terrorists have won.
I'm starting to think they're an arm of the Discovery Institute. And to think I was kind of excited about that one.


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