William Lane Craig in the hot seat on morality... with Shelly Kagan

Alright, I guess I better just own up to it... it's gonna be WLC week here at The A-Unicornist. I still have some stuff from the debate I want to talk about, and I also want to respond to Craig's post-debate comments which he posted on his Facebook page. So, that's all in the pipe.

In the meantime though, here's a treat. We atheists often say that Craig appears to win debates because the format is conducive to his methodology: he inundates his opponent with loosely related claims, repeats them ad nauseum, and contends that they are not addressed.

But in this debate with Shelly Kagan – on the same topic that was the focus of his debate with Sam Harris – we can clearly see that when Craig is forced to stay on one topic, he stumbles on his words and struggles to articulate coherent responses. I generally feel these "conversation-style" debates to be the most informative and productive – much more so than the podium showmanship in which each speaker can ramble for ten or fifteen minutes unchallenged – because the speakers can press each other on specific issues.

Incidentally, there is one active thread on this debate at the Reasonablefaith.org forums, and it's indicative that Craig's fans were not particularly thrilled with his performance. Anyway, on to the show:


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