Introducing Sc3ptics

Today is the official launch of a new, collaborative freethinking blog: Sc3ptics. Three Skeptics, a.k.a. SC3PTICS, is the surprise team of three atheist bloggers: Bud Uzoras of Dead Logic, myself, and Tristan Vick of Advocatus Atheist. What makes SC3PTICS different? Many freethinking-themed blogs are only sparsely populated by substantive posting – instead being filled with news, reposted videos and personal anecdotes. We want to create a steady stream of thought-provoking content – not just ramblings and opinions, but well-reasoned, educated opinions argued in well-researched articles spanning a diverse array of topics related to skeptical inquiry, science, philosophy, history and belief.

These guys are lucid thinkers and first-rate writers, so I feel very privileged to be a part of this. If you read this blog, please, by all means, subscribe to Sc3ptics. We've started by each pulling three of our personal favorite essays from our archives, and there is much more to come.

In case you're wondering what the impact on The A-Unicornist will be, the answer is: negligible. I'll still be posting my personal musings here regularly, but certain in-depth topical essays will go to Sc3ptics first.


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