Pat Condell on Pascal's Wager

I've always thought that Pascal's Wager was one of the dumbest arguments for Christianity. The most obvious reason is simply that any position could be wrong, so you're not taking any less of a chance by being a Christian and being potentially wrong about Islam or Jainism than you are being a non-believer entirely. More egregiously though, it erroneously assumes we can voluntarily change our beliefs – that we can decide to accept something as true even when all our rational faculties have led us to believe otherwise.

But worst of all is the notion of Hell. Christians will tell you we have free will to accept or reject God, but what we really have is a choice between coerced submission and the most horrible punishment imaginable. NonStampCollector lampooned this foolishness to great effect in a series of videos that used actual comments from Christians, and now Pat Condell is tackling it with his trademark incisiveness.


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