Unintentional Christian comedy

This movie is probably going to be hilarious, but not for the reasons it's intended to be:

Here's the reality: pretty much no one "waits for marriage" [1], and I speculate that marrying young ("purity" pressure vs. raging hormones = marriage for the wrong reasons) is one of the reasons born-again Christians have a higher divorce rate than non-believers [2] – marrying young is correlated with a higher incidence of divorce [3].

I was also really amused when I stumbled on the Barna Group press release about their divorce statistics, and found this gem:
Although Bible scholars and teachers point out that Jesus taught that divorce was a sin unless adultery was involved, few Americans buy that notion. Only one out of every seven adults (15%) strongly agreed with the statement "when a couple gets divorced without one of them having committed adultery, they are committing a sin." A similar percentage (16%) moderately agreed with the statement. The vast majority - 66% - disagreed with the statement, most of them strongly dismissing the notion.
Typical. It's right there in the Bible, and it's not some archaic Old Testament law but the words of Jesus, and the overwhelming majority of Christians just say, "Yeah, I don't believe that." If that's not proof that believers just cherry pick the Bible, I don't know what is.


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