Christian nutbars, news edition

It's been a marquee week for crazy Christians making headlines. Sometimes it's hard to believe that these people actually exist, but have faith – they do!

First we have quasi-historian David Barton claiming that the Founding Fathers had been through the "entire" creation/evolution debate, and decided they wanted creationism taught in public schools. Quite an astounding fact considering a) public schools did not yet exist, and b) Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859.

A little bit of good news coming out of a tragic situation: Christian couple Timothy and Rebecca Wyland were convicted of criminal neglect after relying on prayer to magically heal a baseball-sized tumor on their daughters face. The really good news: their daughter is receiving proper medical care, and her condition is improving.

Peter Popoff, the faith healer who was exposed as a fraud by James Randi on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, is back in business exploiting people for thousands of dollars and claiming to heal them. Candid footage of this nefarious wacko was captured by the vigilant crew at Center for Inquiry.

A woman who claims she is a prophet of Jesus falsely lead Houston police on a wild goose chase for a mass grave that does not exist. Criminal charges will likely be filed, but the woman claims she didn't file a false police report: she was just reporting what "Jesus and the angels" told her.

Then there's this. It didn't happen this week, but it exists:


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