Elevatorgate III: On feminism, and being a victim

Alright, this will be the last post on this. Honest. There's just one thing I want to get off of my chest, and it's the "women are victims" ideology being parroted on various blogs.  Let's start with Rebecca's own blog:
I hear a lot of misogyny from skeptics and atheists, but when ancient anti-woman rhetoric like the above is repeated verbatim by a young woman online, it validates that misogyny in a way that goes above and beyond the validation those men get from one another. It also negatively affects the women who are nervous about being in similar situations. Some of them have been raped or otherwise sexually assaulted, and some just don’t want to be put in that position. And they read these posts and watch these videos and they think, “If something were to happen to me and these women won’t stand up for me, who will?”
Then we have what Jen posted on her blog, as an open response to Richard Dawkins.

Words matter. You don't get that because you've never been called a cunt, a faggot, a nigger, a kike. You don't have people constantly explaining that you're subhuman, or have the intellect of an animal. You don't have people saying you shouldn't have rights. You don't have people constantly sexually harassing you. You don't live in fear of rape, knowing that one wrong misinterpretation of a couple words could lead down that road.
And for good measure, here's PZ Myers' take on it:
Maybe we should also recognize that applying unwanted pressure, no matter how politely phrased, is inappropriate behavior. Maybe we should recognize that when we interact with equals there are different, expected patterns of behavior that many men casually disregard when meeting with women, and it is those subtle signs that let them know what you think of them that really righteously pisses feminist women off.

All these paragraphs have one thing in common: they're promoting an ideology of self-victimization. Women, we're told, live in constant fear of being raped. They're constantly, as Jen so emphatically and hyperbolically informed us, being "sexually harassed".
Statistically, a woman is far more likely to be raped by a friend or family member than by a stranger. Date rape is far more likely than an assault in a dark alley (or an elevator). So, should women start living in fear of their friends and family? Should they quit going on dates?

Bud at Dead Logic points it out nicely:
Driver's Education classes teach students "Defensive Driving"; similarly, Martial arts instructors and self-protection experts teach "Defensive Living." For example, when I walk to my car in a parking lot at night, my keys are in my hand and ready: ready to both get in my car quickly and, if necessary, to use as a weapon in the event that someone tries to assault me. Rebecca has just enough celebrity status that she should learn to use her head when she's out in the world. The fact that she didn't is part of the reason why "Elevatorgate" was born.

Rebecca walked into the elevator. Elevator Guy followed her into the elevator. Rebecca could have gotten off the elevator before the doors closed. An elevator isn't like a Venus Fly Trap. She put herself in a vulnerable situation, and had the power to prevent it. She chose not to. Why not? Time to learn defensive living, Rebecca.

A person can choose to either live in fear, or live in readiness. Rebecca obviously didn't choose readiness.

We're hearing lots of hyperbole about Rebecca being "cornered", "trapped", "harassed", "objectified", etc. But all that happened is that she was asked on a date. Dates, by and large – particularly at someone's hotel room – preclude the possibility of sex. That's part of life. Consenting adults hook up all the time, and all courtship requires that someone make a move. But being asked out is not the same thing as being "sexually objectified", as Rebecca claimed.

If a woman lives in constant fear of rape, she's allowed herself to become a victim. Certainly all women should, as Bud said, live in readiness. A woman can take sensible precautions, such as learning Krav Maga, carrying pepper spray, or asking for security escorts when alone late at night. But that's a far cry from living in constant fear that any man who talks to you or asks you on a date will be the next man who tries to rape you. Whenever we leave the house, men and woman alike face the possibility of being assaulted, robbed, kidnapped, raped, or even killed. It's part of life. We can take sensible precautions so that we're living in readiness, but none of us needs to live in fear.


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