Dennis Markuze aka Dave Mabus aka DM arrested by Montreal police

I used to get spam from Dennis Markuze all the time. Countless attempts to thwart the spam were only solved when I moved to Disqus, which allows me to block IP addresses, and even that hasn't stopped him completely. This is one obsessive hombre. He moves from one internet cafe to the next, creates dozens of email addresses every week, and sends incoherent threats and harassment to a litany of non-believers, scientists, and journalists.

Well, people got fed the hell up. Kyle Vanderbeek in San Fransisco started a petition that ended up inundating Montreal police with emails about the threats. And today, Dennis Markuze was finally arrested.

Here's hoping he gets the help he needs, and that police can keep him off the web in the meantime. 

Full story here.


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