It's hot

I've lived in Oklahoma since '85, and I've never seen or experienced a heat wave like we're having now. Today, the high is 114°. It's been over 100° for a solid month, if not longer. I'm dreading getting my electric bill.

Is this evidence for global warming? Well, not really, no. Localized, short-term weather isn't an accurate measure of global warming trends, which is why it's stupid when conservatives say that snow is evidence against global warming [1]. Evidence for global warming – particularly that we're playing a big role – comes from a litany of long-term, global evidence [2].

Let me tell you, I love the heat. I'm originally from Milwaukee, and I hate the weather there. I loathe even the brief Winters we have here. But 114°... well, it's not much fun. With any luck, we'll have a long Fall.


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