An atheistic thought for the day

I don't bother differentiating myself as a 'weak atheist', 'strong atheist', 'agnostic atheist', or whatever. "Atheist" does just fine. That's because there is no singular, ubiquitous definition of god – so whether I subscribe to weak or strong atheism depends on the definition of god being questioned.

If we define god in some nebulous sense like Deepak Chopra would – some sort of inexplicable 'universal consciousness', I am a weak atheist. Such a being's existence, by definition, can never be either confirmed or disproved. But on a theistic god such as the god of the Christian Bible, I am a strong atheist. Such a god purportedly intervenes in the natural world, answers prayers, authors books, gives people powers of miracles and prophecy, etc. The evidence is overwhelmingly indicative that such a god does not, and logically cannot, exist. 


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