John Loftus controversy

UPDATE: We've worked it all out. See comments. I'm leaving the post up because, well, the fact that we got it all sorted out gives me good vibes.

An alert reader called to my attention a lengthy tirade the downward spiral that is John Loftus posted on his blog, which is notable because it calls me out:
If my accusers really cared about the things I do, then they would not try to "save face" by attacking a person such as myself who uses his real name. They play footloose and fancy free with my name, but realize that they are doing so from behind otherwise anonymous monikers, and are therefore chickens. Even a name like Mike D means nothing until he uses his full name.

For the record, I am not blogging anonymously. My contact info is easy to find via the tab up top. You can email me or go straight to my Facebook page. I just think "Mike D" is a little catchier. Lots of my friends have used it as a nickname over the years and I like the ring to it.

I don't know why John is reacting so irrationally toward those of us who are criticizing his recent behavior. I was one of many who thought John was wasting time by obsessing over a debate that wasn't going to happen, at least not anytime soon. That sort of behavior is not constructive – it's self destructive. It was especially disappointing considering that recently, he complained that more famous atheists like PZ Myers and Hemant Mehta weren't posting reviews of his new book even though he sent them a free copy. Well, golly... did they ask for a copy, or did he just send them one and expect them to read it and promote it for him?

What John doesn't seem to realize is that those of us criticizing his recent behavior are doing so because we've followed him and been fans for a long time, and we think he's better than this kind of stuff. I even told him as much, right before he banned me from commenting on his site. If you can't take public criticism, it's probably better to keep your thoughts private.


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