What the hell happened to Thunderf00t?

Thunderf00t. Remember when that guy was relevant? It seems like not too long ago his videos on science and creationism had attracted so much attention that he sat down across from Richard Dawkins, Ray Comfort, and some nutbars from Westboro Baptist. Today, this is what his 'latest videos' look like from my Youtube subscriptions:

"Faith, the new stupid!" Really? "Cruci-FICTION", a very un-funny video with Mike Lee, the 'Religious Antagonist'? Really?

The guy's gotta be burned out, because this is just lame. Now, you can poke fun at religion in ways that are both humorous and thought-provoking, as fellow fans of NonStampCollector know. It's called satire. NonStampCollector is masterful at it, and I think satire can be very effective (think George Carlin, Penn Jillette or Ricky Gervais). Calling faith "the new stupid"? Going to a hardware store dressed as Jesus to shop for boards and nails? Not incisive, not thought-provoking, not funny. Thunderf00t's apparently gotten tired of engaging theism and pseudoscience constructively, because this is just lousy material.

Look, I'm not one to advocate pulling punches when we criticize religion. But stooping to purely antagonistic mockery doesn't help anyone. We're not going to persuade any believers by patronizing them. All this kind of crap does is reinforce the generally misguided belief that atheists are assholes. Until Thunderf00t gets back on track, I'm unsubscribed.


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