Jerry Coyne vs. John Haught debate (with a slice of controversy)

In case you haven't been paying attention in the atheist blogosphere, there's been a bit of a fuss. On October 12th at the University of Kentucky, Jerry Coyne debated John Haught, a Catholic theologian who's written a lot of books about the compatibility between science and faith. Jerry Coyne, as anyone who reads his blog could figure out, argued that science and faith are antithetical.

The controversy comes from the fact that bizarrely, Haught refused to consent to the release of the video. After a massive influx of emails, student petitions, and outrage on the blogosphere, Haught relented... sort of. At first, he made a list of strange demands, including that Coyne apologize for something Haught presumably found offensive, and then publish a three-page letter from Haught on his blog. Coyne didn't apologize, and he stuck Haught's letter in the comments section. Haught relented, and consented to release the video. What a facade! Don't agree to a public debate if you won't stand behind your performance.

Haught got smoked pretty badly. Jerry's an expert at exposing the silliness of 'sophisticated' theology, and in my estimation Haught is really out of his league here. But hey, what do I know? Judge for yourself:

Science and Religion: Are They Compatible? October 12, 2011 Q+A with Jerry Coyne and John Haught from UK College of Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.


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