My blog originally started out simply as a way for me to organize my thoughts. I never really had any expectations of a regular readership... y'know, people actually caring about what I have to say. But over the last couple of years my little blog has gotten itself a mildly respectable following, and I'm happy to say that 99% of the comments have come from intelligent, nice people.

But I'm also a bit frustrated that, over the last year or so, the blog has pretty much plateaued. My hits are up marginally, as are comments, but I haven't seen a dramatic growth in the numbers. The Facebook page has helped, as has dialogue on other blogs.

Anyway, in an effort to promote the blog a bit more, I decided to start sharing posts on Reddit. Bud over at Dead Logic had some crazy success with it, and the Secular Student Alliance got a big boost from it too.

Sure enough, in terms of raw hits, it's a success. My previous post garnered nearly 1,300 hits in a matter of hours (that's a lot for me). Other posts quickly hit several hundred. And yet, I don't consider it much of a success (at least not yet) simply because I'm not after 'hits'; I'm after a regular readership of smart guys and gals like the ones having provocative discussions in this post. And so far, Reddit has completely failed to increase the number of participating readers or subscribers (whether here or via Facebook).

So I'm curious... to any other bloggers, what have you done to increase your readership? What's worked, and what hasn't?

Oh, and p.s. – If you have your own blog, I have no qualms with you promoting it in the comments section here, as long as the content you're linking to is related to the original post. I don't do a feed sidebar because of space, but I do mention the blogs I read fairly regularly too and I'm always interested in new stuff. 


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