Why I'm not a Christian (in a nutshell)

Given that it's that festive time of year centered on a certain mythical deity, I've decided to offer up, as concisely as I can, the two major reasons why I deconverted from Christianity.

1. The events depicted in the Bible are either impossible or almost certainly fiction

The story of Creation is a myth bearing no resemblance to reality – light is created before the sun, the Earth before the stars. Many Christians, realizing this, simply say it's metaphorical. Not literal. But the reality is that until scientists came along and proved it couldn't have happened that way, there was no reason not to take it literally.

Adam and Eve couldn't have existed. Evidence from molecular biology shows that humans descended from a population of no fewer than 10,000 of our evolutionary ancestors. It's simply impossible for it to have been one man and one woman. But if there's no Adam and Eve, how did "sin" enter the picture?

Noah's Ark is also impossible. I shouldn't have to explain why (I'm not in the business of debating literalists), but NonStampCollector does a fine job of lampooning its absurdities.

There is zero evidence of the enslavement of Jews by Egyptians, much less an insurrection and exodus. There is no evidence of a sacking of Jericho or of a Davidic empire stretching from the Euphrates to the Red Sea. Some of the people in the Old Testament may indeed have existed, and many of the places are of course real. But the stories are exaggerated or altogether false – it's hagiography.

The New Testament is no more plausible. The events weren't recorded until decades after they purportedly happened. With the original manuscripts lost, we have only copies of copies, and they're rife with errors, contradictions, omissions and additions – all the hallmarks that they're man-made. The New Testament contains uncorroborated historical claims, historical errors, and supernatural claims for which there is and can be no evidence.

2. It doesn't make any damn sense

The central idea of Christianity is that God gave his only son as a sacrifice to atone for the curse of 'original sin' that has haunted humanity since its birth and doomed us to damnation in the afterlife. But with no Adam and Eve having actually existed, theologians have to conjure up convoluted rationalizations to explain where sin came from. And why is sin genetically transmitted? How could we possibly be guilty merely by being human? Nobody knows, of course – it's just uncritically accepted as a matter of 'faith'.

The absurdity is only beginning though. In the Old Testament, God decided that the best way to atone for sin would be to kill animals and burn their corpses. Heck, the Bible even says he likes the scent! How did God come to decide that this is how sins should be atoned? Who knows.

This didn't actually happen.
But that's not enough. God decides there's probably a better solution, so he sends his son to be the ultimate ritual sacrifice. Who is God's son? Why, himself! God is his own son. So he sacrifices himself to himself to pay a price he determined was necessary before he could forgive from a curse he put on us after two non-existent people disobeyed him and somehow genetically transmitted this curse to the entire human race.

But wait! It's still not really fixed, you see. God's eventually going to have a big war with the devil (which makes no sense since, being omnipotent, God could instantaneously will the devil out of existence), and all the good Christians will go to Heaven, and the Eden that never existed will be restored. But if humans are still capable of free will, why wouldn't someone eventually just rebel against God again, and totally screw up Heaven?

So, you have two options here: spend your life trying to rationalize these absurdities, or face reality. I chose the latter. I'm not a Christian because Christianity is fucking fiction, and there is not the slightest reason whatsoever for any remotely rational person to believe otherwise. 


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