Apologetics 101

The First Cause Argument:
  • Everything has to come from something
  • The universe is a thing
  • Ergo, the universe had to come from something. Like God.
  • p.s. - God doesn't have to come from anything
The Design Argument:
  • The universe was designed to support life
  • How do we know? Because we're alive!
  • Ergo, God designed the universe
The Morality Argument
  • I think some things are just wrong, regardless of what anyone else thinks
  • That proves there is a transcendent source of moral values
  • Ergo, God gave us morals
The Ontological Argument
  • God, by definition, has to exist
  • Ergo, God exists
The Argument from Reason
  • If God didn't exist, there wouldn't be any reason for me to believe I am reasoning about this
  • I'm reasoning about this
  • Ergo, God exists
The Teleological Argument
  • Things that exist now are more complex than things that used to exist
  • This proves that the universe was designed to eventually produce these things
  • Ergo, God exists

That should get you started. If any of these don't make sense, pray about it until they do. 


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