Seriously this time

I'm working on a book. Yeah, I hear you saying, like we haven't heard that before. Everyone knows that when you say you're "working on a book" you're actually spending all your free time playing Skyrim.

That's partially true. Okay, maybe even mostly true. But here's the thing about me and books: I'm not deluded enough to think that a whole lot of people are going to care about what I have to say on things like morality, cosmology, evolution, or theology. I work as a personal trainer for a living, and spend most of my spare time failing at shred guitar. I'm not some Harvard or Oxford academic, and while that doesn't sound like the most exciting line of work, it usually is enough to convince people that the book you're writing might be worth a gander.

So instead of focusing on a single subject as I've been inclined to do in the past, I'm going to basically tell my story. I'll be starting by detailing my life as a Christian, and my deconversion. I'll then explain why I deconverted from Christianity, why many years later I rejected theism entirely, my thoughts on epistemology and secular humanism, and lastly what life is like as an atheist – including my thoughts on why I think it's important to speak out about religion.

The best part is that I've already written most of the book. It's right here, in this blog. I'm writing some new material and revising old stuff to fit the continuity of the book (I've got a few chapters drafted), but much of it will be a sort of "best of" of this blog. One thing I hate about blogging is that every so often I do something I'm really proud of, and a week later it's buried in the archives and hardly anyone ever reads it. This way I can put my best work in one place.

Also, it's going to be dirt cheap, if I charge for it at all. I'm mainly interested in getting it out there and, with any luck, becoming a more recognizable name.

Blogging might be a tad slower than usual, at least in terms of really involved stuff. I'm still working through Pinker's book and I'll post any interesting thoughts on it as I go, but it's a slow read since I'm not one to sit around reading for hours on end. I sit around doing legato exercises on my guitar for hours on end. And playing Skyrim.


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