Where did the good blogs go?

I have a pretty decent list of blogs bookmarked. I don't read them every day (most of them aren't updated every day anyway), but I at least visit them every few days or so and check on the content. It's a mix of skeptic blogs, atheist blogs, science blogs, and yes... a few Jesus blogs.

But I don't really read any of the blogs that got me into the atheist blogosphere. I don't even remember the last time I visited Pharyngula. PZ's thickheadedness in the "define atheist" and elevatorgate incidents really turned me off from the guy. Jen over at Blag Hag is starting to sound no different than the blame-the-patriarchy feminists she used to incisively critique. Luke at Common Sense Atheism doesn't even really blog anymore, and the stuff he does now for Less Wrong is so bloated and needlessly esoteric that it's hardly worth the trouble. John Loftus seems more interested in self-promotion than in dialogue over at Debunking Christianity. And Unreasonable Faith is little more than a bunch of reposts from Christian Nightmares. Friendly Atheist is still good, though it's really more about news and events surrounding the atheist community than it is about theology, philosophy, skepticism, or what have you (which is totally fine).

Fortunately though, there are still plenty of good atheist blogs out there, where the authors have interesting things to say. Like these:

Advocatus Atheist
Dead Logic
For the Sake of Science
Fallen From Grace
One Minion's Opinion
Respectful Atheist
A Tippling Philosopher
The Atheist, Polyamorous Skeptic

Go forth and, uh... well you know.


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