The Discovery Institute: science rebels or comedy troupe?

I can't remember what spurred it, but for some reason I was curious about how well-educated the people behind the Discovery Institute are when it comes to matters of science. Formally, I mean. So I hopped over to their list of Discovery Institute Fellows and just started going down the list. Turns out very few of them are actually biologists, and most of them aren't scientists at all. That shouldn't come as a surprise, really, but... well it still sort of does. Because why would you think that you can spearhead a radical upheaval of the unifying theory of all modern biology when the overwhelming majority of the people in your little organization have no formal education in any field of biology whatsoever?

Here's a list of Discovery Institute Fellows, with their actual degrees (note - a few had no bio, so I didn't include them). I bolded the ones who hold various biology degrees:

Program Director
Stephen C. Meyer - History, Philosophy of Science

Associate Director
John G West - Government

Senior Fellows
Michael Behe - Biochemistry
David Berlinksi - Philosophy
Paul Chien - Biology
William Dembski - Statistics, Philosophy
Michael Denton - MD, Biology
David DeWorf - Law
Guillermo Gonzalez - Astronomy
Bruce Gordon - Physics, Philosophy
Michael Keas - Science History
David Klinghoffer - none
Jay W. Richards - Philosophy and Theology
Richard Sternberg - Molecular Biology, Systems Science
Jonathan Wells - Molecular and Cell Biology, Religious Studies
Benjamin Wiker - Theological Ethics
Jonathan Witt - Literary Studies

Raymond Bohlin - Molecular and Cell Biology
Walter Bradley - Materials Science
J Budziszewski - Government
Robert Lowry Clinton - Government
Jack Collins - Hebrew, M.Div
William Lane Craig - Theology, Philosophy
Mark Hartwig - Educational Psychology
Cornelius G Hunter - Biophysics, Computational Biology
Robert Kaita - Nuclear Physics
Dean Kenyon - Biophysics
Robert C. Koons - Philosophy
Forrest M. Mims - none listed; described as "instrument designer, science writer and independent science consultant".
Scott Minnich - Microbiology
J.P. Moreland - Theology, Philosophy
Paul A Nelson - Philosophy
Nancy Pearcey - Theology
Pattle Pak-Toe Pun - Theology
John Mark Reynolds - Philosophy
Henry F. Schaefer III - Chemical Physics
Geoffrey Simmons - MD
Charles Thaxton -Physical Chemistry
Richard Weikart - European History

Robert L. Crowther, II - Journalism
Janine Dixon - Journalism
Casey Luskin - Law, Earth Sciences
Eleanor Nading - Art History
Andrew McDiarmid - Teaching
Ted Robinson - Business Management
Kelley J Unger - Communication

Out of about 50 fellows, only 9 have degrees in fields related to biology. There is no shortage of theologians though, which is of course what ID is all about.


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