Jerry Coyne tour de force

I'm a big fan of the biologist Jerry Coyne and his blog Why Evolution is True, and I think he's quite effective when he turns his critiques toward the folly of theistic epistemologies. Lately he's been on a bit of a streak with two excellent pieces each on the Christian apologists John Polkinghorn and Alvin Plantinga, who are generally regarded among Christians as more "sophisticated" theologians. I think Coyne nails the core issues so incisively that I really can't think of much, if anything to add. I just highly recommend you read them, so here they are:

The sophistry of Alvin Plantinga: does your religion become less credible if you adhere to the faith you were taught?

Sunday Sermon on Sophisticated Theology: Plantinga proves God

Polkinghorne’s empirical evidence for god: math and a comprehensible universe

More “sophisticated” theology: John Polkinghorne proves that the Resurrection happened





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