Easter and Passover are dumb

Lady Atheist did a great post talking about how Easter exposes all kinds of problems with the Trinity (as in, it doesn't make any sense). Since I was going to blog about basically the same thing, I'll just direct my readers to her excellent post. An excerpt:
The basic story is that we are stained by original sin, or sins we've committed, or by being sinful beings by design, and only animal sacrifices could save us from God's wrath until Christ allowed himself to be betrayed, marched through the streets of Jerusalem in shame, and then killed by crucifiction.  .... then he gets put into a tomb (typical of the time) and then disappears from it, and then appears to people, Elvis-style, for a time... and then goes to live with God.

...except that he is God.  And in the story, he cries out to God, "Why hast thou forsaken me?"  Now, if he was so powerful that he could have liberated himself if he'd wanted to, why would he say that?  And why refer to God in the second and third persons?  And if he could decide to forgive us via his "sacrifice" of being dead for part of a weekend, why not just decide to forgive us just cuz?  They're his rules.  He can change them... unless he's not all-powerful.

So... the Trinity is problem for several reasons:

  • Jesus refers to himself as "Son of Man"
  • Jesus refers to God in the second and third person
  • Jesus didn't have the power to jump off the cross
  • Jesus was expecting God to intervene for him
  • Jesus as half-God and half-human was more in keeping with stories of his time
  • Jesus didn't willingly sacrifice himself - he could have turned himself in rather than be betrayed
  • In the cannibalistic meal he references himself as a sacrifice, but sacrifice to whom?  Can a god be sacrificed to appease himself?  That's just plain messed up.
  • Jesus says the "father" acts through him, not that he is  his own father
  • Jesus "sits at the right hand" of God.  How can God sit next to himself?
Well, at least that many reasons.  Even if you accept everything else as historically true in the Bible, the Trinity seems like a big stretch.

Read the whole thing here.

And then there's the Jewish celebration of Passover, which is equally absurd. God hardens the Pharoh's heart so the Pharaoh will refuse him, and then punishes the Pharaoh for refusing him. How? By murdering children. After, of course, he's made it rain frogs (South Park: "That just seems mean to frogs!"). It's called "Passover" because God's murderous wrath passed over the houses of Jews. How did God know they were Jews? Well, the obvious answer would have been that God is omniscient, so of course he knew which ones were Jews. But apparently God had been on a bender and needed some help from the Jewish people whom he told to kill lambs and smear their blood on their doorways.

"Kill an animal and smear its blood on your door so I won't murder your son." You have to hand it to the Old Testament god – he was one bloodthirsty bastard.

The redeeming part is that it's entirely bullshit. There is absolutely zero evidence that Jews were ever in Egypt, much less enslaved by them. It's not just the absence of evidence where there should be abundant evidence, though – we also have a great deal of evidence showing the emergence of their culture to be indigenous. Like the rest of the Bible, it's nothing more than an ancient work of fiction.


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