I'm taking time off

I'm going to take an indefinite hiatus from The A-Unicornist. I need the break.

I have a lot of things I want to do, day to day. At the top of my list of things to cut way back on is what I fondly call "dicking around on the internet". I have a lengthy list of bookmarked blogs, and writing can be a fairly time-consuming endeavor – especially factoring in the time I spend commenting on other blogs.

Truth be told I'm just a little sick of it all. Arguing with theists is usually a waste of time – people need an inquisitive mindset, not a defensive one, before changing their mind becomes a possibility. And yet, despite knowing this, I sometimes just can't help myself when I see something that in my estimation is an affront to reason. But that's something I need to let go. I'm just a little sick of religion being on my brain. I'm an atheist, after all. I just want to go about my life and do my own thing.

It's time I spend more of my energy on my music, on reading the many books I bought and never finished or even never started (including my magazine subscriptions), on my expanding responsibilities at work, and with friends and family.

I'm going to keep the Facebook page going, posting stuff from the archives and relevant news. I'm also gonna be trimming my regular blog reading list to the handful I like best, so I won't be nearly as active on other people's blogs either.  I'm really trying to cut down on this whole internet usage thing.

If you're a regular, thanks for reading. I hope that you'll take some time to peruse my archives. I've written a lot of stuff I'm really proud of, and unfortunately that gets kind of lost in a blog feed. Feel free to write me if you want. I'll jump back in the game sooner or later; for now though, I just need some time for me.

- Mike

p.s. – If you're new here, in addition to the "New to The A-Unicornist" tab, I've stuck an "FAQ" tab up as well.


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