On the Thunderf00t debacle at Freethought Blogs

I thought Freethought Blogs was a stupid idea when I first heard it, because I knew it would just encourage a groupthink mindset... you know, the kind of thing that we self-proclaimed "free thinkers" generally desire to stay away from.

Thank you, PZ Myers, for proving me right. As if you hadn't gone downhill enough already during 'Elevatorgate'.

And this once again shows that for whatever reason, dissent of any kind on topics related to 'feminism' – even if it is simply misperceived – turns certain people in the atheist community into raving idiots who just shout past each other. I'm extraordinarily disappointed in the behavior of PZ, Greta Christina, and countless commentators who laced the posts with bitter vitriol and straw-man arguments. This whole charade has shown that "Freethought Blogs" is really nothing of the sort, and anyone with a modicum of common sense who is still blogging there should run for the hills.


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