William Lane Craig will be in Tulsa

My favorite apologist punching bag, William Lane Craig, is coming to Tulsa. He'll be speaking on God and suffering as part of a two-day conference at a local church. I had to chuckle at the quotes from the article in the local paper:

Craig, who will speak in the Tulsa area next weekend, in recent years has debated the so-called "four horsemen of the new atheism" - Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and the late Christopher Hitchens.

"In each case," he said, "they were not able to effectively argue for the truth of their view, nor were they able to respond to criticisms of their position. ... They've been surprisingly weak in responding to criticism."

Errr... I'm pretty sure he hasn't debated Dan Dennett (who, being a philosopher by trade, would probably make a formidable opponent). And he hasn't directly debated Dawkins. But anyway, I gotta love how self-congratulatory he is. According to himself, he's soundly defeated every atheist he's debated. Did any of his opponents admit defeat, or even to a specific weak argument? Is there a lick of evidence that his debates have effectively persuaded a significant number of atheists to switch sides?
Craig said the rash of books, debates and programs about atheism is a recent phenomenon that is accurately called the "new atheism."

"One of the differences is that the new atheism wants to eliminate religious belief, not merely from the public square, but even from the private lives of citizens," he said.
We do? That's news to me. Although I suppose it depends on what you mean... if you mean we want to persuade people to think critically and reject religion voluntarily, yes! If you mean we want to stop other people from acting on their religious freedom, no! In fact it's atheists, far more than Christians, who have been busy defending egalitarian religious liberty against Christian privilege in this country. (NY mosque debate, anyone?)

He said students may give lip service to moral relativism, but very few actually believe it and none of them live it.

"Students are deeply committed to moral values and moral absolutes.

Objective morality does not exist (and nobody believes in it anyway)

Self-congratulatory grin ENGAGE

I may go to this, just for the sake of seeing this quasi-celebrity continually try to break his record for "most bullshit spoken in the least amount of time."


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