David Barton finally eats some crow

I blogged about David Barton a long time ago. He's a guy who founded a group called Wall Builders, which claims that most of what you think you know about American history is a bunch of liberal nonsense. America is really all about Jesus, and the Founding Fathers were all ministers who basically wanted a Christian theocracy.

The snowball started rolling when NPR did a piece that exposed the outright garbage that Barton has been peddling as history. Conservative scholars who had yet to drink the Barton kool-aid were curious about this, so they looked into it. And, turns out, Barton – shockingly – is a liar. The result? His publisher, a conservative Christian organization, pulled his book:
Casey Francis Harrell, director of corporate communications for Thomas Nelson, tells the newspaper that it had gotten several complaints about the book and found enough errors to cancel it, halt new shipments and recall unsold copies.
So, a small victory for truth and justice. But there was one quote in that article that rubbed me the wrong way:
Glenn Moots, professor of political science at Northwood University in Michigan [...] is quoted as saying Barton was well-intentioned but should have been more careful to get the details right.
What? Well-intentioned my balls. The guy is a pathological liar who is trying to rally conservative Americans by peddling fabricated garbage as an untold history of the United States. He's an embarrassment to conservatives, and it's nice to see they're finally starting to catch on. 


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