David Silverman vs. Fox News on the 9/11 Cross

Right in line with his stellar talk at FreeOK in July, David Silverman goes on Fox 'News' to defend the lawsuit that's trying to get the 9/11 cross removed from the Ground Zero Museum:

Couple o' things. First, I can't help but laugh at the us-vs-them way that Fox is framing the discussion. Their second guest is introduced with a picture of a loved one lost in the tragedy, as though no atheists, Muslims, or people of any other faiths lost loved ones. Kelly coddles him and mocks atheists as he laments that atheists are "trying to destroy America".

Meanwhile, Kelly is predictably condescending and dismissive toward Silverman, basking in her Christian Privilege™. She completely dodges the actual issue at hand, which is that this isn't some 'symbol' found in the wreckage – it's a cross that was taken out, reshaped, blessed by a priest, and inscribed. There's nothing miraculous about finding a gnarly looking 'cross' in the wreckage of a building that was made from fucking crossbeams.

This is exactly what Silverman talked about at FreeOK: We're not the dicks – they're the dicks. We're not the dicks for wanting religious equality, for pointing out that it's illegal to display one particular religion's symbol to the exclusion of all others on public ground. They are the dicks for exploiting a tragedy to marginalize people of other faiths, for framing the tragedy as one that befell only good Christian Americans. 9/11 affect people of many faiths and no faith, and that is something that should be represented fairly, or not at all.


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