I'm gonna read a book on apologetics

Because it's only $3, I'm going to read a book called True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism. Here's the description via Amazon:

While New Atheists like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and others proclaim loudly their rationality, clear thinking, and incontrovertible scientific arguments, others are beginning to wonder how genuinely rational they are. Have they proved anything? Have they argued convincingly? Have they pinpointed any real challenges to the credibility of Christian faith?

"True Reason," edited by Tom Gilson and Carson Weitnauer, brings together a compendium of writers--philosophers, apologists, ethicists, theologians, historians--who look carefully at the best arguments atheism has and evaluate their validity, logic, assumptions, and naturalist conclusions.

Authors include noted philosopher William Lane Craig and popular apologist Sean McDowell, along with Gilson, Weitnauer, John DePoe, Chuck Edwards, Matthew Flannagan, Peter Grice, Randy Hardman, David Marshall, Glenn Sunshine, David Wood, and Samuel Youngs. Each chapter tackles a different atheist argument and brings reason fully into the discussion.

Which is more reasonable: atheism or Christianity? Read "True Reason" and think for yourself.

I'll update the blog chapter by chapter, but in the meantime, I just want to respond to the repeated charge that popular atheist authors are "loud". Here's famous atheist Sam Harris being loud:

And here's Richard Dawkins, with physicist Laurence Krauss, being loud:

Maybe "loud" is just a synonym for "says things I don't like".


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