Link of the day: Richard Dawkins interviewed by Playboy

What's better than an interview with Richard Dawkins? An interview with Richard Dawkins plus hot chicks, of course. Warning: some modest 'adult' images in the link, which may not be work or home safe if you're surrounded by people who think the scantily clad female body is gross, evil, and sinful.

It's a very good interview. I particularly like this line, because I'm a big fan of pointing out the sheer absurdity of Christian theology:
It’s a truly disgusting idea that the creator of the universe—capable of inventing the laws of physics and designing the evolutionary process—that this protégé of supernatural intellect couldn’t think of a better way to forgive our sins than to have himself tortured to death. And what a terrible lesson to say we’re born in sin because of the original sin of Adam, a man even the Catholic Church now says never existed.


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