They took God out of the schools!

I spied this video on Friendly Atheist today. I remember watching this as a teen... funny thing is, even then, as a devout Christian, I still knew it was bullshit. The opener talks about God being removed from schools. But I carried two Bibles to school, held Bible studies/prayer groups during lunch break and after school, and wore Christian t-shirts. Not only did no one ever complain, it was 100% legal. The only thing that got removed in the 1960s is teachers on the public payroll coercing children into prayer. The evangelical Christians are just pissed that they can't indoctrinate other people's kids. I don't want teachers handing out copies of The God Delusion any more than I want them leading my (future) kids in prayer. Why is it so difficult for some people to just live and let live?

I should also point out that since we took God out of the schools, we've seen a revolution in women's rights, equal rights for minorities, and (believe it or not) a decline in violence. I don't think those things happened because of prayer being removed from school, but when Christians point out the horrible turn for the worse that our country has taken since the supposedly halcyon days of the 1950s and blame it on prayer being removed from schools, I want to ask them... what the heck are you smoking?


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