If I were a theist...

I was pondering what beliefs I might be most likely to entertain if I were a theist of some kind. What would I believe about God?

I think I would be a pantheist. I've always been sympathetic to the idea that there's an intelligent innate to the universe itself. Given the order and design of the universe, it seems to be the most plausible idea of a "god".

It's when this idea is anthropomorphized that I have a problem. I think it's ridiculous, and arrogant, to personify a deity, projecting human values upon it and suggesting that this deity has any vested interest in the affairs of humans any more so that it would have a vested interest in any other form of life, or in the birth and death of stars, or whatever.

So, why am I not a pantheist? Because I think the idea is unfalsifiable and utterly devoid of any explanatory value. We don't need to say the universe is conscious to be the way that it is; that's nothing more than a tautology. And whether the universe is conscious or not, it's indifferent to our needs, interests and values. We might as well say that the universe just is what it is. I don't see why that's something that should have to be explained, since we could just as well push the regress back and ask why a God is the way it is. At some point you have to say... well, that's just how it is.

The brain of God? Or not.


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