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Just in case you were losing sleep at night wondering where all the blog posts are, it's coming. I'll be finishing out my reading of True Reason very soon, starting with my review of chapter 10 which is mostly done. Honestly, I just needed a break. There's only so much apologetics I can take. After I wrap up True Reason, assuming it hasn't reconverted me I'm going to do a series called Why Christianity is False (well... title subject to change, but that's the idea).

In the meantime, here's a really, really great article by Sean Carroll in which he talks about the problems with faith-based beliefs – responding in particular to Sophisticated Theologian™ Alvin Plantiga's claim that faith-based knowledge is a "special gift from God" (which reminds me of William Lane Craig's claim that the "witness of the Holy Spirit" trumps all actual evidence). An excerpt:
Even if your faith is extremely strong in some particular proposition, e.g. that God loves you, it’s important to recognize that there’s a chance you are mistaken. That should be an important part of any respectable road to knowledge. So you are faced with (at least) two alternative ideas: first, that God exists and really does love you and has put that belief into your mind via the road of faith, and second, that God doesn’t exist and that you have just made a mistake.
The problem is that you haven’t given yourself any way to legitimately decide between these two alternatives. Once you say that you have faith, and that it comes directly from God, there is no self-correction mechanism. You can justify essentially any belief at all by claiming that God gave it to you directly, despite any logical or evidence-based arguments to the contrary. This isn’t just nit-picking; it’s precisely what you see in many religious believers. An evidence-based person might reason, “I am becoming skeptical that there exists an all-powerful and all-loving deity, given how much random suffering exists in the world.” But a faith-based person can always think, “I have faith that God exists, so when I see suffering, I need to think of a reason why God would let it happen.”
Read the full article here.

Also, Prometheus is out in digital HD three weeks before the official DVD release. I bought it from iTunes last night, and I'll probably watch it, oh, about 400 times this week. 


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