I can't make this stuff up

Here is an actual quote from an evangelical Christian friend of mine, posted to her Facebook page earlier today:
"Amazing morning at Bible study learning Gods word. It's crazy how satan will try to stop you for growing inGOds word he was working overtime this morn. All before nine am, I had a doctors apt, rushed Lexi to the vet after she was beaten up by some devilish dogs and still got to study on time and looking at the time frame it was not humanly possible but that's what's great about God."
I'm not sure what 'satan' has to do with her doctor's appointment (presumably, she scheduled that in advance) but apparently she believes that God sat idly by while her dog was mauled by other dogs, necessitating an emergency trip to the vet, but then he somehow orchestrated traffic so that she would arrive at her Bible study in a timely fashion.

I do not think this is an isolated example. This is typical of the stuff my Christian friends post, and it's typical of the way my friends and I perceived events back when I was a devout Christian. The world, the devil, the flesh... everything is out to get you and tear you away from God. But God somehow intervenes and gives you the chance to go to church, Bible study, whatever. It's amazingly egocentric, drowning in confirmation bias and wishful thinking.


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