William Lane Craig debates a chair

As if what I wrote last night wasn't enough to show what a hack William Lane Craig is, he's now taken to "debating" Richard Dawkins. And by "Richard Dawkins", of course, I mean an empty chair.

William Lane Craig desperately wants to be more relevant and influential than he is. To him, debates are where arguments are settled decisively; they're his primarly platform for his brand of evangelism. And of course, he always declares himself the winner of his own debates, so all the atheist has to do is show up and, no matter how bad his arguments are, Craig can spin his performance however he wants.

But if the desired opponent doesn't deem Craig relevant enough (and why should he?), Craig can just make-believe. Y'know, I think Craig is wrong about the impossibility of an actual infinite, and the proof lies in the size of this guy's ego. To him, Dawkins is like the mothership in Independence Day. It frustrates him immensely that Dawkins doesn't view him as relevant enough to be bothered with debating him, particularly considering that Dawkins has publicly debated with many other prominent theologians (John Lennox, Rowan Williams, Alister McGrath, Jonathan Sacks, and George Pell just to name a few). Craig sorely covets the prestige and influence he believes he would attain by debating atheism's most famous provocateur.

But stunts like this just show how sorry and desperate Craig really is, and likely cement the fact that Dawkins will never bother to debate him.


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