Conservative reactions to the election

I know it's been a while since my last update. I'm sorry. Life happens, man. Fortunately it's all life happening in a great way, but still.... I just haven't had much time to write.

One thing I've noticed though, because it's nearly impossible not to, is the conservative reaction to the election. I don't just mean the disappointment – that's inevitable when your pick doesn't win. What I mean is the outright batshit crazy nutbaggery that, in my mind, reinforces why conservatives lost the election.

First things first though. Conservative pundits set themselves and their followers for extreme disappointment by, against all the available polling data, predicting a landslide win for Romney.

How are they taking the loss? Not well. Not well at all....

  • Rush Limbaugh claims that Obama's tax plan will usurp capitalism [1]
  • Former SNL and all-around crazy train Victoria Jackson tweeted that "America died", that Christians didn't "show up" and "evil won", and wants Florida to secede [2]. Ted Nugent said that "pimps" and "welfare brats" have elected a president who will "destroy America". [3]
  • A Vegas employer fired 22 of his employees, claiming that it was because of "taxes and regulations" Obama would eventually impose.[4]
  • Donald Trump called the election a "total sham" and called for a "revolution", whatever that might be.[5]
  • Conservative radio personality Neal Boortz called Obama a "thief" and compared him to Hitler and Al Queada.[6]
  • WND founder Joseph Farah says that Obama's win is "God’s judgment on a people who have turned away from Him and His ways"[7]
  • The Cincinnati Tea Party says America is dead "by suicide"[8]
  • Numerous conservative pundits voiced their disdain for Obama supports as people who want handouts.[9]
  • Conservatives in more than 30 states want their states to secede.[10]
  • Numerous CEOs are planning layoffs and blaming Obama, even though there are no facts to support them. [11]
The secession stuff really cracks me up. These people don't have the slightest clue as to how much they depend on the security, resources and infrastructure given to them by the federal government. But I found a wonderful op-ed about the issue here: So you're thinking seceding...

This stuff shows how disconnected from reality the Republican party has become, driven by a conservative media machine that feeds them a steady diet of appeasing bullshit. Fox News and the rest of the conservative media, in trying to construct a conservative narrative, only helped conservatives shoot themselves in the foot.


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