No, Bill O'Reilly, Jon Stewart isn't 'Obtuse'

Of all the insufferable douchebags on Earth, few are more insufferable and more douchebag than Fox News' Bill O'Reilly. It's not just that he's a egomaniacal blowhard, that he's prone to logical fallacies, or that he thinks dumb people watch Comedy Central and smart people watch Fox News, when the exact opposite is true.

Now, Bill O'Reilly has made an ass of himself yet again, this time responding to this segment:

Reports Huffpo:
O'Reilly used a portion of his "Reality Check" segment on his Monday night Fox News broadcast to respond to criticism lodged at him by the "Daily Show" host. Stewart lampooned O'Reilly for "lamenting" that "traditional Americans" did not reelect President Obama and therefore, "traditional America as we knew it is gone."
"Bill O'Reilly, what are you talking about?" Stewart asked on his program last week.
"Well here's what I'm talking about, Mr. Obtuse," O'Reilly responded. He said that the majority of people who voted for Obama "want a large government that spends heavily on entitlements because that reduces so-called income inequality." He continued, "They wanted equality for gays in the marriage arena. They want unfettered abortion with no parental notification for minors. They want a one world foreign policy that gives other nations equal status to America. Here's a bulletin to those pinheads at Comedy Central: 'Those are not traditional positions!' Clear about this?"
Jon Stewart's point is that the upheaval of supposedly 'traditional' social norms is the American experiment. A hundred years ago it was 'traditional' for whites and minorities to be separate, and for women not to be able to vote. It wasn't a tradition to have social security and medicare either, but we've had them for almost 80 years now.

O'Reilly's response is a dim caricature of what Obama supports actually believe, and he didn't cite any data to support ludicrous comments like "unfettered abortion" or "one-word foreign policy". But even if he were right, he's lamenting the loss of these 'traditional positions' because they're not the America that he as a straight, wealthy, white male conservative, is accustomed to having. Well, tough shit. Change is the American way. And you know what we say to people who don't like America?


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