The Ray Comfort ploy

It turns out that the everyone's favorite unintentional comedian, Ray Comfort, has released a documentary about John Lennon just in time for the anniversary of the singer's untimely death in 1980.


Yeah. Ray Comfort. The Crockoduck guy. The Banana Man. Doing a bio on John Lennon.

Shockingly though, just like Comfort's bosom buddy Kirk Cameron in the movie Fireproof, it's really just a big ploy to get you to come to Jesus. I know, I know, I'm surprised, too.

Comfort doesn't actually spend much of the movie talking about John Lennon. Instead he just uses a shallow cultural analysis of Lennon to springboard into videos of his dumb street-preaching ruse. And in case you forgot that Ray is a Young-Earth Creationist, he spirals into a tirade against what he calls "atheistic evolution" and says that it will destroy our morals.

Ray's street-preaching ploy consists of several parts, and they're all so transparently stupid that I can't believe anyone, ever, would be dumb enough to fall for it.

First he poses questions like, "Have you ever lied?", "Have you ever stolen anything?", etc., to which the answer is predictably "yes". "So", Ray will follow, "You're a liar/thief/etc." – the implication being that you deserve to go to Hell. This "logic", if you can even call it that, could easily be turned on its head: Have you ever told the truth? Have you ever given to charity? Have you ever put someone else's needs above your own? Have you ever comforted a friend in need? Since we could predictably answer "yes" to those types of questions, does that make us saints?

Well, we're not saints. We make mistakes. We do both good things and, less often, bad things. But making mistakes, reaping the consequences and learning from them is what molds us into stronger, wiser people. Ray's Heaven, where everyone is perfect, would rob us of that growth. But more to the point, why on Earth would anyone want to spend an eternity with a god who tortures people horribly for eternity because of literally any one wrongdoing? That's not justice – that's cruelty. It's primitive barbarism that arose from the theology of primitive people.

Next he goes into a hook about your morals. He asks if you'd steal lots of money or kill someone for lots of money, especially if you knew you'd never get caught. Here's the thing though: people might say yes, but people are also smart enough to realize that situation has absolutely zero chance of happening. They know it's a completely silly question. Saying you'd do something in an impossibly far-fetched scenario and actually mustering the will to kill someone or steal vast amounts of money are two very different things.

Then he asks people to explain evolution to him. Does he go to universities and talk to biologists? Of course not. He asks people on the street who probably had, at best, a high school biology course. Ray is well-rehearsed in arguments for creationism, so stumping someone who has no formal education in biology whatsoever isn't exactly difficult. At one point in the video, he banters back and forth with a young guy on Big Bang cosmology. Clearly, the guy has no idea what he's talking about. But that's because he's not a scientist, and chances are that unless you're a scientist you probably don't know much about cosmology or evolution. Oh, how I wished I could have been there when Ray describes the Big Bang as an explosion that created rocks.

Ray ends his video by saying that there will come a time when God will put a stop to all evil. Which reminds me of this:

Here's the full video, if you want to suffer through it:

h/t: Friendly Atheist


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